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Full Spectrum CBD Oil - RE:CV:RY

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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A full spectrum CBD oil developed and perfected for an authentic result. The organic hemp seed oil and pure Cannabis Sativa L extract creates the earthy flavours and aromas you expect. The custom terpene profile adds both depth and vigour to the oil. 


Cannabis Sativa L Extract (EU Sourced) Full Spectrum, Hemp Seed Oil, (Terpene Profile), Myrcene, Pinene, Linalool, Humulene 

How to use

All the re:cv:ry 10ml bottles contain approximately 200 drops per bottle.  We would recommend as with any food supplement to start with a lower dosage of CBD (3 drops) up to 3 times per day and increase if required.

350mg Bottle 5.25 mg per 3 drops

550mg Bottle: 8.25 mg per 3 drops

1000mg Bottle: 15mg per 3 drops

2000mg Bottle: 30mg per 3 drops

Suggested use 

For best results us the dropper to dispense 3 drops under the tongue.  Hold for a minimum of 30 seconds and swallow.


At re:cv:ry none of our products are intended to treat or cure any disease or condition.

We do recommend customers go online and view extensive information available regarding the benefits and uses of Cannabidiol (CBD) to understand if CBD as a product is for you.

Consult a medical professional before use. – Not intended for under 18 – Keep out of reach of children – Store in a cool dry place – Not Recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

All products are below 0.01% THC Content